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How does pollution affect the skin?

Air pollution has been typical for the big cities for decades already but recently smaller towns have

also been affected. Clean air areas are mostly rural. Therefore the term urban pollution gains more

and more popularity in the cosmetic field. The urban air is polluted with small particles, ozone, toxic

gases and cigarette smoke. These pollutants along with the UV rays can cause significant oxidative

stress to the skin. Our skin has its protective mechanisms but the repeated exposure to the urban

pollution leads to skin aging, allergies, increased sensitivity and inflammation.

The epidermis is the most exposed skin layer. It can suffer from dehydration, impaired barrier

function, scaling and tightness. If the pollutants penetrate deeper to the dermis they can cause

oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. This can lead to signs of premature aging and

pigmentation disorders. Some particles are covered with toxic substances that impact negatively the

cell’s DNA increasing the risk of mutations and skin cancer. This carcinogenic action can be further

exacerbated by the effect of the UV rays. In younger skin the urban pollutants can cause or worsen

acne and have a comedogenic effect.

All these effects are concerning and the cosmetic manufacturers are taking them into account. For a

few years already specialized cosmetic products that offer urban pollution protection are available

on the market. They act as shield to the skin preventing it from contact with air pollutants. Some

ingredients form a physical barrier while others act as effective antioxidants neutralizing the damage

from the oxidative stress. La Thea’s Bulgarian Rose Water offers the second type of anti-pollution

care. Its composition is rich in powerful antioxidants that penetrate the skin and protect the cells. Its

hydrating action prevents the skin from dryness and tight feeling. Mist the face and neck each

morning with a few sprays of La Thea’s Rose Water and follow with your favorite anti-pollution

protection cream or serum. This will ensure your skin the adequate daily defense it needs.


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